Mission Statement

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Once more someone has told me “Rafa, you should write” and this time I’m listening to them and setting down in a blog some words. If there’s going to be a theme it will be being trapped in a lift with two gay women

One Thing That Unsuccessful People Do Before Getting Out of Bed

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One Thing That Unsuccessful People Do Before Getting Out of BedWhile I’m waiting for my programmers to solve some problems that I found, during an Exploratory Test session that was rather successful, I’ve been reading a lot about emotional intelligence. There is a work‑related reason for this, which I won’t go into, because it’s meant to be a surprise for my superiors. If you know me, the surprise would be if you think that I think that I have superiors.

Take me to your leaders

Black Seat Malvinas

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Its own post

Via the internet dating site I signed up to (see the previous post – https://goo.gl/PVPFMo ) I’d arranged to meet MW (see the previous post – https://goo.gl/PVPFMo ) on a Friday evening. To repeat something I wrote in (see the previous post – https://goo.gl/PVPFMo ): Were I superstitious I would have recognised the signs. This was never going to work out. There were however some positive moments that made the evening worthwhile.

I had everything planned: I’d leave work early enough to get home in time to take a few shots of vodka

English Guy seeks Dog With Single, female Owner

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At a moderately advanced age I find myself single again, having left my huge dog and his owner for the bright lights of Calella on the Catalan coast. Dog owners will understand when I write that I really miss that dog; he’s enormous, loving and every night he’d lay beside me, occupying half of an “L” shaped four seater sofa (told you he was big) resting his head on my legs. At times he was a complete pain-in-the-arse, as dogs can be. He’s what they call in the village where I lived a dog from the race of a thousand   it’s about to get pornographic

Bungee Jumping in Amsterdam

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There’s been a welcome observation from muse #2 – see this post –  when she kindly perused my most recent post destined for my more serious blog There were a couple of paragraphs that were out of money and had to sell their bodies

Your need is greater than mine

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At first glance it seems as though the old chivalrous Spain is still alive. It’s eleven o’clock in the morning and as usual Ralph is drunk

Confirm with NO – (23.02.2010)

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I haven’t been feeling very inspired recently, having returned from the xmas vacation relaxed and hungover

There ain’t no justice (or “gambling’s for fools”) – (28.11.2009)

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So how is everyone? Comfortably sat in front of our work computer, surrounded by intelligent, glamorous and admiring colleagues? Taking a brief moment to admire our iPhone and check out the latest happenings in the blogosphere while the waiter brings you and Paris Hilton another bottle of Bollinger? Sat in front of a blazing log fire with a fine whisky more probably it’s Meths